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...nine million bicycles in Beijing

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Like the fact that I am not in Beijing but in Bangalore!

[Hate to mess with this lovely song..but well, I already did! Please listen to my recent infatuation - Katie Melua, while I spend busy busy two days in Bangalore]

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Indian Style ~ How to?

Hello world! I am getting over a 'give-blogging-a-break week' and looking forward to be back with you! :)

As promised, this post is all about tips on how to create an Indian styled room of your own. On Demand! of a lot of readers, I am also including a list of boutiques and stores from where you can buy Indian or Indian/South Asian products. This post, or the list is in no way all encompassing ... as I was putting it together, I once again realized the vastness of India, and the richness of design - not just from one region to the other, but also from one design genre to other. But despair not! I hope to present more and more India and Asia oriented design tips in keep watching and reading!

Talking of design genres, one way (and not the only way!) to look at Indian design is to look at the transition from traditional to modern.

While you have traditional design that is rich in colors and art....

you also have interiors that are very simple and utilitarian

And styles that I personally favor ... a judicious, as well as creative influence of traditional elements in current setting...

Also popular is the subtle and classy Indian contemporary design

Then there is also the Indian kitsch that has been the rage for quite some time now

Coming now to how you can recreate Indian Style in your home - to begin with, you can play with the furniture, furnishings, walls and decor knick-knacks to get an Indian styled room.

~ Furniture:

If you can source or buy Indian furniture [traditional or contemporary], nothing like it. You don't need to do up the entire room with Indian furniture; just a couple of well placed accent pieces would also do.

~ Furnishings:

The right textiles and fabrics will immediately transform your room into a mini India! Indian/Indian style furnishings work work very well with regular furniture too, so you don't need to worry about first picking up Indian furniture before you do up your room. You can define the mood and genre of your room, and go for kitschy and colorful furnishings or pick up a more subtle color palette of Indian fabrics and prints. Sarees, used as decor accessory [window drape, bed drape, canopy, framed on the wall], instantly brighten up a room

~ Walls:

Color them bright - mustard, ochre, saffron, peacock blue; or use Indian print fabric drapes; or use Indian wall art, specially paintings from Indian folk art like madhubani, warli, tanjore, mughal etc; or take a wooden block and block print your favorite Indian motif on the walls; or hang your favorite Indian rug or kilim up on the wall!

~ Decor knick-knacks

Sky is the limit here! Though moderation is equally important so that your room does not end up looking like a museum or an Indian fair ;)

Given below is an example of use of Indian furnishings, ornate mirror and a bunch of peacock feathers to add an Indian feel to the room

Still wondering how you could get your own India inspired room? Well, if you look at the following images, I have tried to create some options using rooms from Pottery Barn and Ikea. You just need to replace or add some touches that will help give your interiors a feel of India!

Changes to the room: Mughal painting on the wall, cushions/pillows covered with Indian fabric, small painted chest instead of the small table, a rich rug below the table, table accessorized with Indian/Asian artefacts, raw silk throw and andhra leather lamp shade

Changes to the room: Block print fabrics! Curtain, bedspread and duvet all block prints with Indian motifs. Ornate lamp can be nice touch to an otherwise simple room. Wall can block printed with a motif from the fabric

Changes to the room: The same bedroom now in more vibrant colors. The white cupboard can be replaced by a handpainted armoire. The bedspread and cushions are made from sarees. Curtain is block printed cotton- voile, that allows sunlight to filter in. Wooden 'jharokha' above the bed completes the look

Now for list of some online stores from where you can source the magic to turn your room or home into India! (image credits to a bunch of links below for today's post)

Pier, Pier1 Imports, Zara Home, ABCHome, SaffronMarigold, John Robshaw, Les Iniennes, Bhatik, Lombok, Myakka, Anthropologie, Kerry Cassill, Malabar Trading, Christ International, East of here, Ten thousand villages, Anupama, Sundance, Yellow Sunrise, Haveli Home, National Geographic Home

Happy decorating and re-decorating! Send me an email if you have your very own India inspired room to share!

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On Demand! India Inspired Bedrooms

Another mega post, On Demand!

Call them

Indian style bedrooms, or

Bedrooms inspired by India, or

Indian bedrooms

Here they are:

A collection of inspiration for turning your sleep abode into a piece of India!

But wait, this is just Part I of inspiration!

In Part Deux (aka' next post), I will share ideas on how readers outside India can re-create a mini India in their homes. From resources and stores available to you in your continent!

A touch of contemporary, a hint of tradition, loads of creativity and you have the recipe for today's bedroom design

Simple furnishing, modern chandelier. A traditional pichwai painting as the focal point in the room. A day bed of sorts in the niche of one wall, with cushions and bolsters

Gorgeous metal relief panel behind the bed. And matching cushions

Bed platform made from brick and mortar. Jaali (lattice work) design in the background

Wall mural above the bed with wooden puppets

Fabric/old paintings in gilt edged frames make a dramatic statement. Jasmine flowers in bowls as natural room freshener

Understated elegance. Rugs add a touch of color to this room

Straight line furniture. Dark wood goes well with an Indian setting

Another view of the bedroom with painting

Hint of Morocco?

Platform beds are quite popular in contemporary homes

Four Poster beds and drapes...

Umm...indulge in yards and yards of fabric! Sarees put to good use here

Silk bed cover, and fine muslin drape

Dreamy mosquito nets can be drapes too

Canopied bed

Gorgeous headboards

Kitschy bed! Old ceramic tiles and prints of Indian Gods and Goddesses adorn the headboard

Beautiful carved headboard

Old carved panel used as headboard here. Ikat fabric pieces on the ladder..

Sumptuous enough for a king..or a queen!

India. Means colors and vibrancy.

India. Also means simplicity and restrain

Charpai type bed

Simple adornment with a flower motif on the wall

And finally a look at traditional rooms. Bedrooms from the opulence of palaces...

Recreate a royal tent by covering the walls with India inspired fabric! the grace of village homes

A bedroom from kutch

End of On Demand! post "India Inspired Bedrooms": Part I

Keep watching for Part II next week!

Happy Weekend!

[Image Sources: A lot of the images are from my personal archive of inspiration files, so unfortunately, I don't have the links. Thanks to all the sources from where I have collected the images over the years. Rest:,,

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Going on a Chai Pilgrimage!

Husband and Wife

2 creative peeps

World travelers

One, a therapeutic ayurvedic teacher

Other, an illustrator

and together they are

Chai Pilgrims!

I came across Jenny and Patrick's flickr set and totally adored the quirky illustrations sketched during their travels in India and Nepal. Their love for chai (tea), and India is clearly seen in Jenny's many sketches

More of Jenny's art work can be found on her site. The couple's travel and chai experiences will be out in a book in fall next year...

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~ Stuff Launching ~

I am way behind in posting about some new product and store launches I got to know about when the brilliant people behind these products wrote to me. Today, I end the procrastination and present to you the latest in the world of products and design:

TUKAANI by Lincoln Kayiwa

Lincoln is a young designer who has started his brand product design company Kayiwa. He wrote to me introducing the super useful eating device known as TUKAANI. In his own words: "TUKAANI is Finnish for the toucan bird species. The sterling silver TUKAANI is a hand made eating device for oriental food consumers in the West. It may be held as traditional chopsticks. But unlike the disposable wooden chopsticks, TUKAANI is both machine and hand washable and much easier to set on – and use at table. The matt surface and taut movement allow steady grip in the hand. The curl at the end of the TUKAANI provides eased food picking and delivery to the mouth. The loop also allows easier hanging, storage and display. The Toucan's bill provided inspiration for this cutlery project"

I can't wait to try this one out! *Lincoln: When do you launch in India? :)

TowelTender by Wallace Clay Design

Wondering where to hang the hand towel in your bathroom? Well, hang it on the TowelTender! A soon to be patented design, by Wallace Clay Design, the TowelTender is designed to fit the most common round-style pedestal sinks. The company is also coming up very soon with a design to fit square pedestal, vanity, or kitchen sinks.

Thanks Matt, for introducing the product to us!

Online decor boutique: Stylkist

Stylkist is the new online home decor store targeted at design conscious consumers in India. Check out their range of contemporary decor which includes furnishing, wall decor, candles, vases and table decor

Petals by Shades of India

Good Earth, one of my favorite stores, has exclusively launched the new range of furnishing by Shades of India. The email announcing the launch was a teaser...I will need to check out their store for this exciting new range!

Talking about Good Earth stores, I would strongly recommend Good Earth's new store at Saket to my readers in Delhi, and those visiting Delhi. Spread over four floors, the store is a visual delight - a contemporary translation of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture.

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