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Zebra Carpets

Everywhere I look lately, everything is coming up Zebra. Animal prints are very much in Vogue right now, but especially the classic and stately Zebra. I have heard it said that no two Zebras have the same stripes. I was fortunate to go on a Safari in Africa and to see herds of these beautiful animals. An amazing sight, indeed. They have tufts of fur that stand up along their spine. I remember them being quite sturdy, like a Pinto Pony. Most of the Carpets that we are seeing now are stripes simulated on cow hides, unless you are Joni of Cote de Texas and get to go to the famous Round Top market held twice yearly in Texas. She managed to score the real thing. As you will see in the following pictures zebra carpets can be laid on a bare floor or layered over carpets. Just make sure your carpet has a short pile. So without further ado, I will honor this wonderful animal species that is seen in some of the chicest abodes.........

Above 2 pictures Todd Romano

Above 2 pictures Schuyler Samperton's own living room

Above 2 pictures Ruthie Sommers In Style Home Spring 2007

Above 2 pictures Michael Taylor

Above 3 pictures Mary McDonald

These are real Zebra carpets that Joni of Cote de Texas bought at the Round Top market in Texas with heads et al. Just be careful you don't trip over the head.
Entry way luxe

Entry way luxe 2

Above 3 pictures Burnhamn Design

There is even a classic fabric that Brunschwig and Fils has done for years called "Le Zebre"

And what about a zebra striped ceramic stool?
O Magazine Sept 2007 spotted at Fresh Pallette

From Vintage book: Billy Baldwin Decorates via Style Court

Above 3 pictures Anne Coyle Interiors

Notice the black backing.
Rug from a furrier in Canada

Pieced together these make a stunning large area carpet, complete with straight edges. I love the orange sofa & ceiling, and the wall of shiny black bookcases.
Interior Design Wallace Bryan,photography Erica George Dines via Fresh Pallette

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